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Active Employer Directory on HRMLedger - a blockchain based most secured background verification platform.
Popular Employers
AT&T Global Network Services India Pvt Ltd
Employee Strength:10000+
Simplilearn Solutions Private Limited
Employee Strength:501-1000
TATA Steel Limited
Employee Strength:10000+
Hero Cycles Limited
Employee Strength:1001-5000
Writer Business Services Private Limited
Employee Strength:10000+
DENSO International India Private Limited
Employee Strength:10000+
nThrive Global Solutions Private Limited
Employee Strength:1001-5000
L&T Technology Services Ltd
Employee Strength:10000+
Infosys Limited
Employee Strength:10000+
Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited
Employee Strength:5001-10000
CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants
Employee Strength:10000+
John Deere Financial India Private Limited
Employee Strength:10000+
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Total employers found : 420
Sl. No.Employer / CompanyCity / LocationEmployee Strength
1 img/logos/aartek.png
Aartek Software Solutions Private Limited
Indore 11-50
2 img/logos/ablysoft.png
Ably Soft Pvt Ltd
Mohali 51-200
3 img/logos/adaan.png
Adaan Digital Solutions Private Limited
New Delhi 51-200
4 img/logos/addteq.png
Addteq Software India Private Limited
Pune 101-200
5 img/logos/aadhi-software.png
Adhi Software Pvt Ltd
Kancheepuram 11-50
6 img/logos/adriseindia.png
Adrise India Private Limited
Thane 11-50
7 img/logos/aotax.png
Advantage One Tax Consulting Private Limited
Hyderabad 201-500
8 img/logos/adventsys.png
AdventSys Technologies Private Limited
Bengaluru 51-100
9 img/logos/aeologic.png
Aeologic Technologies Private Limited
Noida 51-100
10 img/logos/agaram-tech.png
Agaram Technologies Private Limited
Chennai 11-50
11 img/logos/airaavat.png
Airaavat Technologies Pvt Ltd
Bengaluru 2-10
12 img/logos/no-logo.png
Ajmera Tyres Private Limited
Nagpur Not Available
13 img/logos/akshaya-global.png
Akshaya Global Informatics Private Limited
Hyderabad 101-200
14 img/logos/algo-analytics.png
AlgoAnalytics Private Limited
Pune 11-50
15 img/logos/allerin.png
Allerin Tech Pvt Ltd
Navi Mumbai 51-100
16 img/logos/nologo.png
Amalgam Steel Private Limited
Kolkata 1000+
17 img/logos/ambition-it.png
Ambition IT
Ranchi 1-50
18 img/logos/amicus.png
Amicus Technology Pvt Ltd
Raipur 11-50
19 img/logos/analytics-saves.png
Analytics Saves at Work India Pvt Ltd
Bengaluru 11-50
20 img/logos/asaw.png
Analytics Saves at Work India Pvt Ltd
Bengaluru 11-50

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